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reggie fecteau as jeff lynne

lead vocals, Guitar

Reggie, a highly skilled musician hailing from Canada, plays more than 7 different instruments with ease. He is also an exceptional producer and promoter, having been featured on numerous gold records and shared the stage with renowned French artists such as Joey Tardif, Joel Denis, Pierre Lalonde, Michel Louvain, Michel Stax, Patrick Bourgeois, and many others. Moreover, he has played with Yesterday The Beatles, a mega production show in Montreal. Reggie's talents have taken him all over the world, and he is a regular headliner on RCCL cruises. Currently, Reggie manages and owns Ticket To the Moon.

David Carrica Martincorena

Drums, Vocals

David's passion for drums ignited at a young age when Metallica's Master of Puppets blew him away. This sparked his pursuit of a career in music, leading him to take lessons at a local music school and play in bands in his hometown of Pamplona for five years. Seeking new opportunities, he made a move to Barcelona and spent six years playing various styles at L'Aula de Music's y Jazz. In 2013, David's talent paid off when he joined the heavy metal band TIERRA SANTA, touring the world and recording six albums. Additionally, he collaborated with the symphonic metal band DIABULUS IN MUSICA, touring Europe extensively. David's hard work and study led to his graduation from classical percussion at the Pablo Sarasate Conservatory in Pamplona in 2014. After touring the U.S. with TIERRA SANTA in 2019, he decided to stay in the country permanently and spent two years in Miami playing with local bands and teaching music at SOUNDS OF EXCELLENCE academy. In 2021, David moved to Nashville, where he played country and rock with different artists and got involved in the Broadway scene for nine months. Currently, he's teaching drums in a school in Miami.

dany roy

guitars, vocals

Dany Roy, originally from Canada, grew up in a family of musicians. He started performing at the age of 17 and soon became a regular at local bars, weddings, corporate events, and music festivals, playing 2-3 times a week. Dany's musical influences span from 60s classics to modern idols, but his favorite genre is classic rock, which he grew up listening to in the 70s and 80s. With over 35 years in the music scene, it's evident that music is not just a passion but a way of life for Dany. He founded the renowned Sippin'Fire Band, and his passion and energy are not to be missed in Ticket To The Moon.


bass, vocals

jade tasse

vocals, percussions

At the tender age of 8, Jade's exceptional vocal talent was evident, and she embarked on opera training. By the time she turned 12, she received coaching from the esteemed Arron Hagen, a specialist in Broadway performances. Since then, she has participated in numerous productions on Broadway and frequently traveled to New York City. At 16, she achieved a remarkable feat by having a chart-topping single in Japan for six consecutive months. Alongside her musical pursuits, Jade also excels as a makeup artist and in the field of business management.